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Where To Buy Good Office Chairs

When it comes to everyday office seating, a chair is not just a chair. Why’s that? Consider this: Because of the long hours average office workers spend seated in the workplace, their chairs are one of the biggest determiners of how supported their bodies are, how comfortable they feel as they’re working, and how focused they stay on the tasks at hand. This is exactly why knowing how and where to buy good office chairs is so important. Chairs can make or break daily work.

When you’re looking for a good office chair that can support your body through long hours on the job, offer ergonomic support and keep you comfortable, where are the best places to buy quality office seating?

To help answer this question and compare possibilities, here are a few of the most popular sources today for good-quality office chairs:

  • Office supply stores.

    Big-box office stores such as Staples are known for more than paper and printers. Typically, they’ll also carry office furniture — including desks, filing cabinets, tables and chairs. You’ll interact with a salesperson, have a handful of options from which to choose on site, and leave with a chair. While not every chair at an office supply store will come with an office chair warranty, when you buy a product made by a manufacturer such as Concept Seating, you’ll benefit from our full warranty.
  • Discount stores and warehouses.

    Bulk discount stores such as Costco sometimes offer new or used office furniture — typically kept in a warehouse, available at reduced rates. As in an office supply store, these facilities have salespeople available to answer questions, and they provide a selection of chairs in different styles. Their focus is cost-savings, so they are the place to go when you’re looking for affordability above any other feature.
  • Office furniture specialists.

    Most small businesses will go to office furniture specialists for their furniture — and this is the category that describes a huge number of Concept Seating dealers. These specialized design firms not only offer desk chairs and desks, but also all the furniture needed for the office environment: cubicles, cabinets, shelves, guest chairs, waiting room chairs, etc. Some of these specialists have small showrooms, and some bring samples to your location to view and test. There are sales and design professionals who come to your place of business to help measure, design and fit a custom solution of good-quality office chairs for your office. This is another great resource for companies that want to weigh options and pick the best options for their facilities.
  • Online office furniture suppliers.

    There are also online furniture suppliers — stores without physical showrooms or on-call designers that have amazing websites flush with reviews, comparisons and videos. With an online office furniture store, you can find an enormous variety of products and manufacturers. Top-performing dealers often fall into this category, and anyone who needs just a single chair for home or office use will benefit from this resource.

Whether you’re in the market for new office chairs or just curious about what’s available, you have a lot of options. Browsing the possibilities can help you identify features that matter to you and better understand what sets Concept Seating’s products apart. Our chairs are designed to hold up to constant use, adjust to various body types and sizes, support workers on the job, and last well into the future.

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