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Chairs for IT and programming professionals

IT & Programming

Chairs for IT and programming professionals

Why Technology Companies Choose Concept Seating Ergonomic Chairs

In today’s information age, IT professionals and programmers are essential — yet, their working conditions are sometimes less than ideal.

Long hours seated in front of a computer screen are not ingredients for mental clarity or physical comfort. In fact, those hours can take a toll on a technology employee’s overall health. That’s why finding a proper ergonomic office chair is so important. Without it, a worker may end up facing severe pain day to day.

Concept Seating is here to help. Since our founding in 1995, we’ve been offering durable, comfortable, ergonomically designed seating options that help developers stay focused on the job. Our chairs already find applications in various technology businesses, and we’d be glad to assist you, too. Explore our products to find the best office chair for programmers at your location today.

The beauty of a developer chair from Concept Seating is that it’s not only comfortable but it’s also made to last. In other words, our resilient seating solutions are specially made to give you your money’s worth in a quality chair.

  • Spill-resistant fabric
  • Ergonomic design maximizes comfort
  • Made with sustainable materials

Our sturdy programmer chairs are also strong enough to withstand round-the-clock usage, even when used by various programmers of different heights and weights. The chairs support proper posture from the ground up and can withstand weights of up to 550 pounds.

When investing in one of these flexible seating options, you can rest easy you’re getting a quality product that will go the distance with your firm. If you’re like most technology or programming companies, you know how vital your developers are to getting work done. Don’t your staff members deserve seating solutions that keep them focused and pain-free? Enhance your work environment and boost business productivity with the kind of ergonomic chairs that increase comfort and concentration.  Contact us anytime to learn more about our 24/7 seating solutions and how they can give you the best office chair for programmers at your facility!

Chair Benefits For The Programming Industry


Of worker injuries/illnesses can be prevented by workplace ergonomics

Maintain Focus

When employees are less distracted by pain and discomfort, they are able to concentrate better on the vital tasks at hand.

Value Over Time

Our chairs can be repaired in the field long after the warranty period ends, prolonging the need for new replacements.

Increase Productivity

Better ergonomics, circulation, and comfort can decrease the long-term effects of extended sitting while improving attendance.

Peace of Mind

Our comprehensive 6-Year warranty has you covered - in the event of an unlikely product failure, we've got your back!

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