Find the Right Chair For Your Market

Intense jobs demand intensive use chairs. Concept Seating 24/7 chairs are designed to withstand the rigors of 24-hour usage while helping vital workers maintain focus in their critical roles.

Benefits of Our 24/7 Chairs

Highly demanding jobs require quick thinking and clear judgment. Concept Seating ergonomic chairs have lined the offices of top government employees and military officials, global transportation services, big-name casinos, and more.  Our 24/7 intensive use chairs are specially engineered to help minimize stress and maximize comfort in these vital roles.

Public Safety

Dispatch Chairs for Public Safety

24/7 911 dispatch chairs are important for the communications center of a public safety office. Learn more about the ergonomic dispatch center chairs.

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Government & Government Contractors

24-Hour Office Chairs for Government Use

Concept Seating offers 24 hour government office chairs to help ensure that your employees aren't facing any back or neck pain that distracts them from their job.

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Process Control

24-Hour Control Room Chairs

Concept Seating provides 24 hour control room chairs that empower employees to be effective daily. Click below to learn more.

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Ergonomic Chairs for the Utility Industry

The Utility industry is busier than ever. We offer utility industry ergonomic chairs that meet your needs.

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24/7 Casino Surveillance Chairs

Our chairs help those who monitor casino activity stay comfortable. Click below to learn more about our 24 hour security chairs.

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Ambulance & Emergency Flight

Ergonomic Chairs for Medical Response Companies

24/7 chairs for medical response is essential to keeping personnel focused on their work and capable in their required tasks.

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Transportation Dispatch Chairs

Ergonomic transportation dispatch chairs are used from cross-country railroad companies to offshore helicopter transport services. Learn the benefit, today!

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IT & Programming

Heavy Duty Office Chairs for Programming

24/7 chairs for programmers are essential for those long hours seating in front of a computer screen. Learn the importance of finding a proper coding chair.

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Companies That Buy Our Chairs