About Us

The Original 24/7

Concept Seating was Born out of Necessity

Every day, police officers risk their lives to keep the streets safe. And while driving around in a squad car protects neighborhoods, it also can be uncomfortable for the officers who sit for hours at a time. Back problems are inevitable.

In the late 1980s, a police officer who suffered from back problems, designed and produced rough sketches of a new, innovative vehicle seat that helped relieve back problems. From there, the police officer, in combination with renowned Wisconsin industrial designer Brooks Stevens Design firm, took on the project and finessed the design.

Design Pedigree

Concept Seating chairs were developed with one of the world's leading product design firms

Brooks Stevens Inc is well-known for many impactful designs, including:

  • Hiawatha Train
  • Harley-Davidson Hydra-Glide
  • Lawn Boy Mowers
  • Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile
  • Cybex Arc Trainer
  • Hitachi CXR-16 CT Imaging System

Concept Seating forms have also been influenced by the innovative research presented by Alvin R. Tilley and Henry Dreyfuss & Associates’ The Measure of Man and Woman: Human Factors in Design. This often-updated text remains an important guide for those designing products to accommodate the human form.

In 1991, Concept Seating Opened Its Doors

In 1995, Concept Seating expanded its line with the development of the 24/7 Intensive Use chairs. The company now serves industries that need chairs for dispatch and call centers, heavy-duty usage, big and tall seating, monitoring stations, and other occupations requiring long sedentary periods.

Concept Seating remains committed to providing sophisticated seating with unparalleled durability while addressing the need that sparked the original idea: create seating that increases employee morale and productivity while decreasing time away from the job.

In 2012, Laacke and Joys Company LLC purchased the assets of Concept Seating Inc.

Laacke & Joys has been operating as a retailer and a manufacturer continuously since 1844. It has a rich history of growing and adapting to change. The change of ownership has provided Concept Seating the capital and management assets to expand into numerous vertical markets, increase product offerings, and build the marketing, sales, and production teams necessary to improve our products and customer support. Concept Seating is quickly becoming one of the top providers of 24-hour chairs to multi-shift workplaces in North America.


Concept Seating is a proud sponsor of the Denise Amber Lee Foundation which supports and promotes public safety. For every Concept Seating chair sold in the Public Safety Sector, we make a monetary donation to the foundation. This partnership is ongoing and we are pleased to be a part of the foundation’s growth. Learn more about the foundation.