Chairs for transportation dispatchers, security officers and more


Chairs for transportation dispatchers, security officers and more

Why Transportation Companies Choose Concept Seating Ergonomic Chairs

From cross-country railroad companies to offshore helicopter transport services, businesses in the transportation industry deal with fast-paced schedules, time-sensitive tasks, and high-pressure, hectic situations every day. While some of the most prominent roles in transportation are conductors, pilots, and other highly visible positions, the industry couldn’t work without also having many individuals sitting in offices every day, performing the jobs that enable the world’s planes, trains, and helicopters to keep functioning reliably and well. From dispatchers to security officers, transportation-industry office workers need comfortable transit chairs that keep them free from distractions and focused on the tasks at hand — exactly what we offer at Concept Seating. Our 24/7 seating solutions make accommodations for features like duty belts and ergonomics for a wide range of users. Perfect for the transportation world, our chairs are comfortable, ergonomically designed seating options that simplify deskwork and enable employees to get more tasks accomplished. Use these transportation control room chairs to boost worker morale, improve business efficiency and support your hard-working transportation staff!

In addition to being highly comfortable, physically supportive, industry-leading office solutions, Concept’s chairs are also durable, long-lasting products that are made to ensure your company gets its money’s worth. Specifically created to be spill-resistant and sturdy, they make light work of removing coffee stains or food spills at the office and are strong enough to stand up to 24/7 use in round-the-clock office settings. Each chair features either a leather or alternative leather cover that is attractive and resilient, easy to clean, and resistant to wear. When you purchase our flexible transportation seating solutions, you know you’re getting high-quality products made to last for years to come!

Isn’t it time you incorporated the industry’s leading seating solutions on-site at your transportation company’s operations? Don’t your hard-working staff members deserve the kind of transportation dispatch chairs that will keep them pain-free and undistracted on the job? Avoid worker frustration and discomfort by realizing that Concept Seating’s dependable, flexible, ergonomic chairs are just the solution for you, designed to increase comfort and improve work environments wherever they are placed. Already, our products find application in a wide range of office environments, including throughout the busy transportation industry. Today, you can find our products at companies like Dart, Bombardier, Transit, Amtrak, and Bristow, among others. Interested in learning more about Concept Seating and how our transit dispatch chairs could work for you? Contact us today to learn more about the specific chairs we offer, as well as to get advice on which are best for your location. Our friendly representatives will be glad to go over any questions you have and pinpoint the best seating solutions for your setting. Get in touch to learn more!

Chair Benefits For The Transportation Industry


Of worker injuries/illnesses can be prevented by workplace ergonomics

Value Over Time

Our chairs can be repaired in the field long after the warranty period ends, prolonging the need for new replacements.

Peace of Mind

Our comprehensive 6-Year warranty has you covered - in the event of an unlikely product failure, we've got your back!

Increase Productivity

Better ergonomics, circulation, and comfort can decrease the long-term effects of extended sitting while improving attendance.

Maintain Focus

When employees are less distracted by pain and discomfort, they are able to concentrate better on the vital tasks at hand.

Transportation Organizations That Use Concept Seating Chairs