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Tips For Making An Office Chair More Comfortable

When you spend many hours at a desk, your office chair can truly make or break your daily focus. If you sit in an ergonomic desk chair, you’re less distracted and more comfortable. However, if you sit in a chair with poor support, you might frequently be thinking about your aching back or uncomfortable posture. Short of swapping your chair for a better one, what can you do to improve your daily seating?

To give you a better idea of strategies to try, here’s a look at some tips for making an office chair more comfortable:

  • Adjust the chair to your body. Even the most well-designed chair will be uncomfortable when it’s not properly suited to your body. If your chair has adjustable height, depth, angle, armrests, and/or back support, fit these features to your body. Likewise, re-adjust from time to time. You may be surprised at how often your alignment changes through everyday routines.
  • Raise your monitor. Your computer should be set directly across from your eyes, so you don’t have to look down or lean over to view it. If your desk doesn’t naturally allow this, adjust by setting your monitor on a stand of some kind. This simple switch can help you stop slouching and shrugging, meaning better desk job health from day to day.
  • Sit up straight. . Just because you’re slouching doesn’t mean the chair’s completely to blame. Can you adjust your posture? Practice sitting up straight in the workplace, with your feet flat on the floor. This alone can go a long way toward alleviating desk job back pain.
  • Get lumbar support. . Add a detachable lumbar support device to your existing chair. This feature can fit the curve of your back to provide better support and padding, which can greatly increase your comfort in the office.
  • Add a footrest. . If you’re having a hard time maintaining proper posture, try adding a footrest below your chair. Resting your feet on a stool can sometimes move you to the proper sitting position and alleviate discomfort at your desk.
  • Take regular breaks. . The longer you stay in the same position, the more detriment to your health. To improve your spinal health and protect your body in the workplace, make it a point to get up often. If you can, set a timer to get up every 20 to 30 minutes.

Even if all you do is take a quick lap around the office or do some desk exercises, your body will thank you. When all the easy accommodations don’t improve your current seating situation, it’s time to replace your chair. There are so many great options available through Concept Seating products — contact us today to learn more!