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Office Chairs And Health Risks

The more time you spend in an office chair, the more it can impact your health. That’s exactly why looking for healthy office chairs with ergonomic office chair design is worthwhile. With the right chair, you can increase leg circulation while sitting, adjust lumbar support, alleviate pressure, decrease workplace distractions, and more. What are the important considerations to remember when you’re shopping ergonomic office chair options? How much does healthy design matter, and how do you identify it? What kinds of chairs work best for prolonged sitting needs? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at what good office chairs ought to have, how they can benefit a worker, and the dangers that come from improper seating over time.

How Body Weight Should Be Distributed in an Office Chair

Essentially, an ergonomic office chair allows the sitter’s body, not the chair’s mechanics, to determine how pressure gets distributed. In other words, it makes pressure distribution relative to each user. While one worker may be short and thin, another may be tall and bulky; yet the same chair needs to be able to support each worker. To properly support diverse sitters, an ergonomic chair will be adjustable, catering to various body weights, builds and shapes.

How Healthy Office Chairs Benefit Workers

The beauty of ergonomic design is that it adds comfort, reduces pressure and encourages good health. Through an adjustable design which can be customized to each individual, an ergonomic office chair provides support and comfort to anyone who uses it. Consider some of the benefits that come from good chair design:

  • Encourages proper posture
  • Increases comfort
  • Minimizes neck/back/hip pain
  • Reduces the risk of neck problems
  • Decreases workplace distractions
  • Added support helps improve focus at work

Dangers of Improper Seating

Ergonomic design is not only beneficial for what it adds, but also for what it takes away. Workers who sit in poorly designed chairs suffer a host of negative consequences, from discomfort to distraction in the workplace. Here are some of the dangers of sitting in a chair with poor body support:

  • Impeded circulation
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Cramping
  • Stiffness, numbness, aches and pains
  • Neck/back/hip pain
  • Lack of focus at work

Benefits of Choosing Concept Seating’s Chairs

At Concept Seating, we’ve designed our chairs to correctly distribute body weight via suspension, rather than just using traditional foam. Created to support a variety of shapes and sizes, Concept Seating chairs enable more focus for anyone using them. For larger individuals who have difficulties moving around in standard office chairs, our steel construction — whether in the 3156 Bariatric Chair or the 3150HR Operator — provides unmatched support. Likewise, our chairs also include adjustable lumbar support, Ergo Air Suspension for better blood and oxygen flow, safety casters for smoother movement and shock absorbance, adjustable armrests, adjustable heights and seat-depths, forward tilts, and more.

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