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Ergo Air Suspension System

You may not notice it in the first 10 minutes, but you may after the first shift. You will certainly notice it after weeks, months and years of prolonged seating in a Concept Seating chair. You’ll just feel better. You just might not know why. The chair you have just been sitting with its Ergo Air Suspension System has kept the blood and oxygen flowing through your body, especially through the lower extremities improving blood flow and increasing oxygen levels to tissues.

Prolonged sitting day in and day out is not healthy. When circulation is reduced a myriad of health issues can occur including but not limited to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, digestive issues and even cancer. Combining proper posture and increased blood and oxygen flow can improve help energy levels and productivity, reduce stress, as well as help the nervous system, organs and tissue function well.

EAS2 conforms to the shape of each occupant, as it almost instantly bounces back to original shape when weight is lifted. No springs eliminates the chances of squeaky or flattened springs and EAS2 is 100% recyclable. We developed the EAS2 system because we wanted something that would dissipate weight. Foam doesn’t dissipate weight. Which in turn reduces the amount of blood and oxygen in the body. Even memory foam doesn’t dissipate weight and will get harder over time and making circulation worse not better.


“Foam creates sore spots.”

EAS2 combines high performance fabric with ergonomically rugged framework to create a unique state of the art seating experience. The core of what makes EAS2’s high performance fabric unique is its combination of elastomer monofilaments and polyester threads woven together and thermally bonded for the ultimate in durability, stability, comfort, and strength. The EAS2 conforms the occupant’s body, no matter what the body shape.

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