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The Benefits of Ergonomic Seating & Proper Desk Height

Desk Height

Ergonomic Seating And The Height Of Efficiency

Workplace seating obviously should be comfortable to keep employees happy. Using ergonomic office furniture has additional benefits: It can enhance efficiency and productivity. The benefits of ergonomic desks and chairs rely in part on using the best ergonomic desk height. To help you put workstation ergonomics to the best use, here’s a look at what you need to know to properly set up your ergonomic office chairs and desks at the office.

Benefits of Setting the Proper Desk Height

There’s more to determining the right desk height than just taking comfort into consideration. An ergonomic seating option can help employees minimize injuries, avoid distractions and be more productive in the workplace. Here are some of the key benefits of ergonomics in the workplace associated with using the proper desk height for workers:

  • Lowers the risk (and associated business costs) of musculoskeletal disorders
  • Reduces sick leave by minimizing injuries
  • Reduces user stress
  • Helps workers stay focused
  • Improves productivity
  • Increases workplace engagement

The Trick to Knowing the Right Desk Height

There is no single height that is the best for every office desk, because office workers’ heights and body types vary. The key to determining the optimal desk height is knowing that there’s a little trick that caters to each individual. Basically, a worker should sit at the desk (or stand, if it’s a standing desk) with his or her arms at his or her sides. The individual can then move his or her elbows to a 90-degree angle, and it should be easy and comfortable for him or her to place both hands on the desk. If the elbows are at more than a 90-degree angle, the desk should be raised, or the chair lowered. If the elbows are at less than a 90-degree angle, the desk should be lowered, or the chair should be raised.

How to Achieve the Right Height for Multiple Workers

While determining the proper desk height for a home office or a desk used by one individual is easy, what’s the process for when many individuals share a desk? In dispatch jobs, or in process control, transportation, government, utilities and even casinos, it’s common to have 24/7 office environments, with workers changing each shift. This is when adjustable seating options are crucial. The best ergonomic office chairs will be adjustable so each individual can raise or lower the chair to the proper height. When one person ends a shift and another begins, the chair can be repositioned to make proper posture possible.

If ergonomic seating isn’t already incorporated into your office environment, your company may be paying in lost production and efficiency. Adjustable chairs can help employees determine the proper desk height, and you will be helping them function to their full potential.