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Bariatric Seating in the Workplace

In recent years, employers and office equipment manufacturers have become increasingly aware of an underserved segment of the workforce. People who are big and tall have unique physical requirements that are not always properly addressed by standard office chairs or desks. Office seating built with the average person in mind may not be capable of meeting all the unique needs of big and tall people.

Standard office chairs may not provide adequate back support, or be strong enough to fully accommodate someone of larger-than-average body type. Tall people may experience poor circulation caused by office seating which forces their legs into unnatural positions. People with larger-than-average frames may be uncomfortable sitting in a chair with armrests designed for someone of average size.

Recognizing the issues faced by big and tall people who sit for much of their workday, some manufacturers are adding bariatric operator chairs and other bariatric seating to their product lineups. It’s now easier than ever for an employer to provide ergonomic seating accommodations to their big and tall employees.

Developing the Standards

There’s more to solving the bariatric seating issue than simply making a larger chair. Bariatric seating, such as the products made by Concept Seating, meets exacting standards set by the Business + Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association and approved by American National Standards Institute (also known as ANSI / BIFMA).

Using the ANSI/BIFMA guidelines, the industry has developed bariatric chair requirements that specifically address big and tall seating needs. Manufacturers test bariatric chairs for durability, safety and structure using these standards to ensure the chair is an adequate bariatric seating solution.

Big and tall people have unique requirements for the office furniture they use every day, and Concept Seating is one of the leading manufacturers committed to developing seating that will help them stay healthy, alert and comfortable while on the job.