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5 Ways To Refresh Your Office Space

You may not know how to improve your office space, especially if you work in a utilitarian setting such as a 24/7 dispatch center or call desk. Yet, a small change of scenery here and there can do wonders for improving a workplace, even one that works overtime. Here are five simple office design ideas that will reinvigorate your environment and may even help you achieve better productivity. 

  1. Use color — Using color to brighten up a dull workspace is one of many simple office decorating ideas that can offer several benefits. Colors such as yellow and green are known to stimulate the mind and boost creativity, while blue has a calming or soothing effect. Depending on which mood you wish to achieve, consider incorporating the appropriate shade into your area. If new wall paint isn’t an option, some colorful desk supplies or accessories can provide a similar boost.
  2. Bring the outdoors indoors — In addition to bringing a bit of color and life to a hard-working space, introducing plants to your office can provide health benefits. Plants are a simple office décor idea that can clean the air and even reduce stress. Add greenery to a dull, indoor space by putting a low-maintenance houseplant such as a pothos, snake plant or rubber plant at your workstation. 
  3. Decorate your desk — Adding simple desk décor can help enliven the place where you spend most of your days (or nights). These decorative elements can range from practical to fun depending on what you want to achieve and what is appropriate for your workplace. Try bringing personal touches like artwork or framed photos of family members and friends to your workspace. Or take a more practical approach with the addition of a bulletin board, which can display important memos and staff notes as well as pictures or artwork. 
  4. Reorganize to refresh —Take an office space revamp as an opportunity to reduce any clutter that may have built up over time. Discard old papers and notebooks and stow rarely used items in a drawer. Maybe you have a pile of folders stacked next to your computer monitor that can be organized with the simple addition of a file rack or handbooks and reference materials that would benefit from a couple of cute bookends. However big or small, reorganizing your day-to-day operations can offer a refreshing change to a stale routine.
  5. Focus on ergonomics — The science of ergonomics aims to increase workplace efficiency by enhancing the health and safety of employees through well-designed spaces and equipment that reduces fatigue and work-related injuries. Here are some ways to improve your workplace ergonomics:
    • Adjust your computer monitor height to eye level
    • Maintain a comfortable office temperature
    • Place commonly used office supplies and items within arm’s reach
    • Use ergonomically designed furniture and equipment

Trendy furniture is great for an office lobby where people come and go frequently but can be counterproductive when it comes to all day, everyday use. When considering how to improve your workspace, choosing ergonomically friendly chairs is crucial, especially in a demanding 24/7 environment. Made specifically for surveillance, public safety, government and similar settings, intensive-use chairs from Concept Seating provide ergonomic support to the workplaces that need it most.


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