The 3120 Series

The New Concept: Rugged Style

Meet the new lineup in 24/7 rugged style

3120 Split High Back

The 3120 Split High Back offers exceptional comfort, quality and ergonomics in a sleek and stylish look that includes a brand-new stitching pattern. This is also the only place you’ll find a fully adjustable articulating headrest on a high back 24/7 chair.

It is a fully adjustable 24-hour chair that’s loaded with features to change how you feel about sitting. The heavy-duty ergonomic office chair design provides ample support and comfort throughout long days. And like all our chairs, includes our comprehensive Give a Sit warranty.

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3122 Split High Back

Enjoy all the same features of the 3120 Split High Back, and gain two extra inches of width in the seat pan.

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