Why It’s Time to Upgrade Your Intensive-Use Desk Chair

POSTED: December 6, 2021

No matter how well you or your employees take care of the furniture in your workplace, it will most likely need to be replaced eventually. How long does an office chair last? The answer depends on a few considerations: 

  • Office environment — Is your chair regularly exposed to grime, spills, and sunlight?
  • Extent of use — How long and often is the chair used at a time?
  • Material and make — Is it durable?

In the typical office setting, office chairs can last for as many as five to seven years. Yet when it comes to the 24-hour intensive-use workplace, the lifetime of an office chair may be shorter because of how much more use it gets. Manufacturers’ warranties can make a big difference between office chair types, depending on whether they will replace or repair chairs to extend their life even further. For these intensive-use settings where offices operate round-the-clock, there are a number of reasons why you should replace an outdated desk chair and various benefits to doing so.


If you’re still wondering, “Should I get a new office chair?” there are many factors to consider, but perhaps the most important of them is comfort. Swapping out your overused and uncomfortable office chair for a new model could even lead to better productivity. Especially when working long hours in surveillance or transportation, a comfortable chair can be crucial for keeping attentive and focused. While excessive comfort may be too relaxing and counterproductive, it’s also difficult to focus when you’re in discomfort, so finding a balance is important. If you’re frequently repositioning throughout long shifts, it might be because the condition of your chair has slowly deteriorated and it’s time for a replacement.


Another aspect of determining when to get a new office chair in the 24-hour workplace is considering the risk of injury. As your office chair gets older and less effective, it also loses much of its ability to support you ergonomically. It’s not uncommon for those who spend 40 hours a week sitting at a desk to develop back problems, requiring physical therapy or other treatment that results in additional health care bills. Also, consider those who work in call centers or control rooms and are sitting for an even more demanding amount of time. Replacing your worn-out intensive-use chair with one that has ergonomic features can help avoid back pain and other health issues. Look for types of office chairs that offer supportive backrests, seat height adjustability, and comfortable padding.

If your work environment requires you to sit for extended periods and you find yourself wondering, “How long do office chairs last?” that’s probably an indication it’s time to upgrade. Browse our selection of office chairs for the intensive-use workplace to find a chair that’s supportive and comfortable. Then reach out to contact us for further information — we’re here to help!