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How Concept Seating provides Ergnomic chairs for the utility industry

In a world where electrical consumption is constantly on the rise, the utilities industry is busier than ever. That’s why workers in the field need reliable, comfortable seating to do their jobs efficiently. It’s also why Concept Seating offers versatile seating solutions to meet various utilities seating needs. Whether it’s a controller who’s monitoring screen walls or a security worker who’s clearing weapons at a nuclear facility — each individual will be able to perform tasks better and more confidently when he or she isn’t distracted by neck pain or other discomforts. Our chairs are the ideal solutions with their ergonomic designs and weight capacity of up to 550 pounds. From chairs with great neck support to stool-height chairs with glides and cut-away sides, our products help minimize worker fatigue, boost productivity in the workplace and keep projects on track. Select from our dependable seating options to begin seeing improvements at your facilities today!

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The beauty of Concept Seating is that it’s not only comfortable and made to boost productivity for your workers, but it’s also durable and resilient for your business investment. Purchase chairs now and know you’ll have comfortable, smart, dependable seating options to workers for years to come. Covered with either leather or alternative leather, each product is designed to be resilient to spills and damage, as well as easy and convenient to clean. This means that when your workers shake off oil, dirt or other debris onto the equipment, it’s easy for them to wipe the chairs and have them looking as good as new.

Ready to find out how the industry’s leading seating solution can improve work for your utilities employees? Get in touch with us to find out more! Our customers already include Progress Energy, Xcel Energy, PSEG Nuclear and Florida Power, to name a few. Because our chairs are designed to be incredibly safe, comfortable and resilient, they are the perfect option for your team. Contact us today to learn more about our 24/7 seating solutions and how they can work for you! By implementing Concept Seating at your location, see for yourself how the right equipment can boost employee morale as well as company productivity. Our representatives are happy to answer any of your questions and identify the perfect seating options for you. We look forward to working together!

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