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How Concept Seating provides Ergonomic chairs for the public safety industry

The communications center for a public safety office plays a huge role in protecting the welfare of local citizens. Whether in a big city or a rural setting, dispatchers answer calls for service, respond to reports of intruders and provide emergency services — all from a physical location where they rely on state-of-the-art equipment and furniture to get their jobs done each day. Because the type of chairs that these workers are sitting on directly links to how well they’re able to stay focused and manage calls, Concept Seating is proud to offer comfortable, durable, ergonomically designed dispatch center chairs that are conducive to worker efficiency. Since 1995, we’ve been giving workers in the public safety market seating solutions they can count on for 911 dispatch chairs — and we’d love to implement our furniture at your site, too!

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Concept Seating 24-hour ergonomic chairs

Why public safety leaders choose
Concept Seating ergonomic chairs

"The chairs we ordered from you are FABULOUS! We have been using them now for about 2 months and WOW. I have had nothing but compliments on how comfortable they are and how easy they are to adjust. The Dispatchers are no longer telling me their backs or shoulders hurt.  The lumbar support is pretty much out of this world! Thank you so much for your great product!!"

-Susie Lawrence, Executive Director, Jefferson County Indiana 911 Communications

Not only is Concept Seating comfortable for workers, but it’s also a great value for your organization. Our public safety dispatch chairs feature leather or alternative leather covers, and are made to be highly durable and resilient to spills. This means when someone accidentally drops lunch on a chair, cleaning the mess is easy. It also means your equipment can last longer and serve more workers over time, helping you make the most of your investment. Concept Seating 24-hour dispatch chairs  are specifically made to last well into the future, giving you greater productivity as a communications center for years to come. 

Isn’t it time you implemented the industry’s leading dispatch chairs with 24-hour comfort at your public safety offices? Shouldn’t your communications center operators be given the best 911 dispatch chairs to do their jobs well? Get in touch with us at Concept Seating to find out more about our products and see for yourself why hundreds of communication centers all over the country are already implementing our dispatch center chairs. We currently have seating in place at Boston Police Department; Chicago Police Department; Washington, D.C. Unified Communications Center; Harris County, Texas and New York OEM — to name a few. Contact us about any questions you still have regarding our 24/7 seating solutions or for help finding just the right seating options for you. Our team is ready and waiting to help improve your operations, and we look forward to working with you!

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