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Markets & Clients

Our ergonomic chairs have lined the offices of top government employees and military officials, global transportation services and big-name casinos. What do all these industries have in common? They’re all highly demanding jobs that require quick thinking and clear judgment. 24/7 chairs are specially designed and have undergone extensive scientific testing to ensure that they help minimize stress and maximize comfort in these roles.

Some benefits of our 24/7 chairs 

  •   Stain-resistant fabric

  •   Ergonomic design

  •   Sustainable materials

  •   Adjustable lumbar support

  •   Customizable add-ons

A no-nonsense profession calls for no-nonsense, state-of-the-art equipment to boost employee productivity and allay fatigue. Here is a short list of some of the industries and clients we proudly serve:

Police, Fire, EMS | Ambulance & Emergency Flight

It’s late on a weekend night, toward the end of an ambulance dispatcher’s shift, when an emergency call comes through. Despite fatigue, the dispatcher must react quickly, and needs to maintain a laser-sharp focus on the situation at hand. Every second matters in a situation like this. There’s barely even time to stop and think, let alone become distracted by sore shoulders or a stiff neck. Our 24/7 chairs have an ergonomic design tailored to support posture from the ground up, withstanding weights of up to 550 pounds. Some of our satisfied customers include:

  •   Chicago Police Department

  •   Boston Police Department

  •   Emergency dispatch centers in major metropolitan areas.

Government | Contractors

Where does the U.S. government turn when it needs an office chair to help reduce physical stress and improve concentration at some of its elite branches? Concept Seating has been a dependable resource for high-stress government jobs that sometimes require long, late hours. Our products have been used by the U.S. Army, the U.S. Coast Guard, and even in the White House. Other government clients include:

  •   National Park Service

  •   U.S. Air Force

  •   U.S. Department of Homeland Security

     Process Control | Utilities

       Usually, only an elite handful of people occupy a small process control room, but the work they do has far-reaching effects. These seemingly cramped quarters can trigger stress, which is the last thing you need in such a sensitive atmosphere. The same goes for a utilities office, where a security officer might monitor a nuclear power plant or other facility. The chair’s stain-resistant material will come in handy here, where workers can track dirt and debris from a work site to the office. Some of the utilities and process control clients we have a lasting relationship with include:

  •   Citgo

  •   Dow

  •   conEdison, inc.


Every day, trains zoom down railroad tracks, and buses navigate city roads, getting workers to and from their jobs. It’s easy to take for granted the behind-the-scenes staff that keeps America’s transportation infrastructure rolling. Keep these important members of your personnel comfortable and productive with customizable 24/7 chairs. Some of the mass-transit and air-travel companies that rely on our products include:

  •   DART

  •   AMTRAK

  •   Bristow


Monitoring casino activity is an intense job that requires laser focus and ongoing concentration. If surveillance operators get distracted, they can miss when someone’s cheating and, as a result, allow damage to the casino. That’s why having 24/7 casino chairs that properly support workers on the job is vital. At Concept Seating, our ergonomic casino chairs distribute a person’s body weight over the chair’s entire surface, and encourage blood and oxygen flow throughout the body. This helps personnel stay alert and efficient on the job. Some of the casino companies using our ergonomic chairs include:

  •   Harrah’s Casinos

  •   Foxwoods Resort & Casino

  •   Potawatomi

Experience our revolutionary products for yourself by filling out an inquiry. A member of our staff will contact you to share our company’s know-how and help you find the chair that best fits your needs.

Police, Fire, EMS
Government & Contractors
Process Control
Ambulance & Emergency Flight