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How To Clean Office Chair Caster Wheels

Chairs with wheels allow you to zip around your desk area effortlessly and efficiently, gliding from one end of a room to the other, or from your desk to your neighbor’s when you need to exchange files or talk. That’s why, when your chair’s wheels get stuck, you want to know how to clean the chair casters as quickly as possible. Thankfully, it’s pretty simple to know how to clean caster wheels — those small wheels at the bottom of your office chair’s base that enable workplace mobility. To help with your office chair cleaning efforts, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Take the wheels off the base. If your chair’s wheels are removable, start by removing them from the base so they’ll be easier to clean. You might first need to unscrew the base and then use a screwdriver to remove the wheels. It can also be helpful to turn the chair upside down in order to remove the base and wheels.
  2. Start with your fingers. When it comes to cleaning caster wheels, your fingers are your best tools. Instead of using a washcloth and soapy water, start by using your hands to pick off anything stuck to or inside of the wheels. If there’s particularly sticky gunk in there (like chewing gum), you can also use a butter knife and rubbing alcohol, tweezers or the pointed curve of a bottle opener to try and dislodge tricky objects.
  3. Use tape to remove debris. After you’ve removed everything you can with your fingers, use tape to remove smaller pieces of debris. The tape may be able to lock onto the dirt and pull it away from the wheel.
  4. Then, wash the wheels. Once you’ve gotten all the grit and particles off the wheels, you can place them inside warm, soapy water and let them soak. After about five to 10 minutes, pull one out and scrub it until clean. Rinse and let dry; repeat with all the wheels.
  5. Re-attach clean wheels. Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned and dried your wheels, you are free to return them to the base of your chair. When you’ve gotten everything re-secured, test your chair on a cleaned office floor to see if the wheels are now functioning properly. If something still seems off, try spraying a little lubricant into the wheels to help the chair move more smoothly.

What Clean Caster Wheels do for you

The beauty of knowing how to clean office chair caster wheels is that it gives you the ability to restore your chair to proper working order. Cleaned office chair caster wheels are smoother, quieter and easier to rely on day to day. For best results, keep your eye on your wheels and re-clean them every six months or so. If you’re interested in learning more about quality office chairs that stand up to constant use and have resilient caster wheels at the base, visit our online catalog at Concept Seating. We’re pleased to offer a variety of 24/7 chairs catered to you.

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