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Ergonomic Solutions For Pregnant Women

As any pregnant woman could tell you, your body changes constantly when you are expecting. In the workplace, the aches and pains associated with a growing belly and aching back can be an added distraction. Since anything that reduces productivity is a serious concern to an employer, finding ways to support and empower a pregnant employee is vital. That’s why ergonomic seating options provided by Concept Seating make so much sense. Your employees need powerful ergonomic solutions — from ergonomic chairs to smart in-office stretching exercises — for proper support during the taxing months of pregnancy. The more physically comfortable a pregnant woman feels in the workplace, the freer she is to do her job.

Finding the Right Solutions

Whether you are an employer interested in better ergonomics in the office or a pregnant woman looking for the right ergonomic desk chair, we can help. Here are some top ergonomic solutions for pregnant workers.

The Importance of Lumbar Back Rests

The lower back is among the body areas hit hardest by pregnancy. As a woman gains weight, her hips, knees and lumbar area bear the brunt of the stress. Couple this with the fact that many office workers already experience back and neck stress from their long hours on the job each day, and you have a recipe for major lower back pain. That’s where lumbar back support comes into play. Through an adjustable ergonomic chair with lumbar support, a pregnant worker gains extra support where she needs it most.

From keeping a footrest beneath your desk to adjusting your chair height, there are many ways to increase ergonomics in the office. Here are a few useful seating options:

  • Adjustable seat height: Your ergonomic chair should make it possible to sit with your feet flat on the floor, with your upper legs parallel to the floor and your arms at the same height as your desk.
  • Proper width: An ergonomic office chair must be at least 12 and up to 19 inches wide for most people. You want one that will support the natural curve of your spine and that is adjustable to your body.
  • Lumbar support: Lower back support is vital for anyone who sits for long periods, but especially for pregnant women. You want an adjustable lumbar support that can specifically fit your spine and your lower back’s inward curve.

Benefits of Ergonomic Seating

Why Stretching Matters

Circulation tends to suffer during pregnancy. For many women, this means swollen ankles and increased risk of blood clots. At the office, one thing you can do is take frequent breaks. Instead of sitting for hours, take quick walks around the office and do a minute or two of stretching every hour. Getting your blood moving and avoiding being completely sedentary can help you improve some pregnancy-related symptoms.

What You Can Expect From Concept Seating

Proud makers of the 24/7 chairs — which can support workers around the clock — Concept Seating is your resource for the best in office and dispatch chairs for all employees, not just those who are pregnant. All of our products are made in the United States and offer unbeatable durability and comfort in a wide range of settings.

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