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What Is A 24/7 Chair From Concept Seating?

FAQs: What Is A 24/7 Chair From Concept Seating?

Since 1995, Concept Seating has been providing a one-of-a-kind revolutionary seating solution to our clients with our incomparable 24-hour chair — a round-the-clock, durable seating option that supports workers in intense environments like 911 centers and control rooms. 24/7 chairs offer heavy-duty usage, big and tall seating, a better seating option for monitoring stations, and an intensive-use seating solution for occupations that require long, sedentary periods in a chair. Essentially, anywhere that round-the-clock seating is needed, the 24-hour chair is a perfect fit. However, if you’re like a lot of people, you probably still have questions, such as: What makes 24/7 chairs distinct? What are their features? Are they warrantied?

Below, take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions, along with answers about how our heavy-duty 24-hour chairs work. 

What Is a 24/7 Chair?

Like its name suggests, a 24/7 chair is made for round-the-clock use. To provide the highest levels of durability and resilience, this chair has been specifically designed for extensive periods of sitting, meaning it holds up longer and better for those using it. Whether the worker is monitoring casino security or answering 9-1-1 calls, a 24-hour chair provides the long-lasting support needed throughout an extended shift.

What Makes a 24/7 Chair Distinct?

The defining characteristic of a qualified 24/7 chair is its proven durability. To be officially “certified for intensive 24-hour use,” a 24/7 chair must pass intense Government testing. The thorough evaluation includes cyclic stepped loading, meaning chairs are put through repeated movements, with increasing weight loads, to see how long they hold up. Then, to be certified, the 24/7 chair must have surpassed specific targets for how many times movements can be successfully repeated. To measure durability, the tests evaluate a host of factors, including vertical loads on one or both arms, loads on bases, back loads, back tilts, swivel bearings and more.

What Are the Features of a 24/7 Chair?

24/7 chairs are durable enough to withstand constant use, heavy weight and prolonged seating. For workers in intense, high-stress, long-hour environments, an intensive-use chair is an option that lasts through many shifts, seasons, employees and years in business.

What Makes Concept Seating’s 24/7 Chairs Unique?

Not only are our chairs tested to surpass even the highest government standards, they’re also equipped with ergonomic features and a comfort-enhancing suspension system that improves blood flow and oxygen levels in the body.

Here’s a look at some of the hallmarks of our unique products:

  • Ergo air suspension system.

    Most chair manufacturers use foam padding in their seats, which begins to break down almost immediately under the uneven pressure of a person’s weight. Concept Seating products feature a suspension system to uniformly spread a user’s body weight across the surface. It conforms to the specific shape of each occupant, resuming its original shape when the user gets out of the chair. Whether it’s being used by the most petite female worker or the largest male, a 24/7 chair from Concept Seating adjusts to create state-of-the-art comfort. Workers experience better blood and oxygen flow, which can reduce risks for myriad health concerns. Likewise, the suspension system encourages proper posture and enhanced energy levels in the workplace.

  • Higher testing standards.

    In addition to having the United States’ stringent FNEW 83-269E Intensive Use Seating certificate, we also have the United Kingdom’s strict FIRA 055-2009 certification. Our 24/7 chairs not only meet these government standards, but they do so with ease; in many cases surpassing the required thresholds by more than 30%. The FNEW tests are the most stringent testing standard to date in the U.S. for 24/7 chairs.

  • Other features.

    On top of these certifications, our 24/7 chairs include stain-resistant fabric, sustainable materials, adjustable lumbar supports and ergonomic adjustability for further worker comfort.

What Makes Heavy-Duty 24-Hour Chairs Better Than Normal Office Chairs?

In addition to being resilient and thoroughly tested, 24/7 chairs are especially long-lasting, so your purchase truly is a long-term investment. With certified intensive-use chairs, you won’t need to replace your seating on a regular basis. Instead, you’ve got durable chairs to withstand many hours of sitting, high weight capacities, and the level of use which can quickly age office furniture.

Who Can Benefit From 24/7 Chairs, and Where Do These Chairs Find Application?

Today, our heavy-duty 24-hour chairs find application in a wide variety of industries, including police, fire and EMS facilities; government branches; process control environments; transportation facilities; casinos and more. Essentially, any demanding environment that requires quick thinking and clear judgment all day and night is an environment where a 24/7 chair offers benefits. Thanks to extensive scienti settings.

What Are the Types of 24/7 Chairs Available in the Market Today?

Concept Seating has a full line of 24/7 chairs revolutionizing the modern marketplace. Influenced by research from Alvin R. Tilley and Henry Dreyfuss and Associates in The Measure of Man and Woman, our designs are top-performing, versatile seating options that work in a wide range of environments. Among our 24/7 chairs, we offer high-back, task, operator and bariatric models. For stools, we have two-step task stools, two-step operator stools and operator stools. Learn more at our product page.

What Kind of Warranty Does Concept Seating Provide on its Chairs?

Concept Seating provides arguably the best warranty in the 24/7 seating industry. All components of our 24/7 Intensive Use Chairs are warranted for 6 years, including normal wear and tear. We even pay all shipping costs for the first 2 years of the warranty period. In addition, we warrant that each chair’s steel seat pan will be free from defects in material and workmanship for up to 10 years. The same terms apply to our intensive-use stools, except for the steel foot ring 200mm cylinder, which are covered for two years.

Concept Seating is committed to providing the best in sophisticated seating options as well as unparalleled seating durability. When you’re looking for intensive-use chairs that increase employee morale and productivity in the workplace, come to us.

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