Superior Testing at Concept Seating

POSTED: February 8, 2022

We test to our own standards

Concept Seating chairs are designed for critical office environments including 911 dispatch centers, police and fire dispatch, process control, and security centers. Our customers are sitting for the majority of their work shift, so a comfortable, ergonomic chair is key to a good work day.

Concept Seating chairs are designed for a wide range of body types and we test each chair before it leaves our facility. We test beyond the highest government standards (FNEW 83-269E, ANSI/BIFMA X.511) to ensure we provide the highest quality chair on the market.

Our team wanted to run a test that is not part of any government testing protocol but was very effective. Our team decided to throw one of our 3142 chairs off the roof of our building. We were confident that the chair would pass the test, but had plenty of space in the testing area to be safe!

We tossed it and the only damage was a scuff in the leather on the armrest from the impact of the fall, and the headrest fell off but is attached with velcro, so easily replaced back to its original spot. The chair not only survived but was really not damaged at all.

Each Concept Seating chair is handmade and tested before it is shipped. If anything would malfunction on the chair, our warranty has it covered. We offer the “We Give a Sit” warranty which covers 100% of the chair for 6 years and the frame for 10 years. Most repairs can be completed in the field and all parts ship free for the first 2 years.

Concept Seating offers superior design, quality construction, and a full coverage warranty. Standard office chairs may fail after 18-24 months with little warranty coverage. With a Concept Seating chair, after 18-24 months, the chair is still covered 100%, so no additional cost.

Experience the best, 24/7 chairs built by the most dedicated team in the industry. Contact our sales team or visit to learn more about our selection of 24/7 chairs.