Government & Government Contractors

24-hour office chairs for government use

Government & Government Contractors

24-hour office chairs for government use

Why Government Agencies and Contractors Choose Concept Seating Ergonomic Chairs

In secure locations or places where top-secret clearance is needed, a dependable chair is more than just a nice feature; it’s a necessity for workers in terms of being able to get tasks done efficiently, safely, and reliably. In these high-pressure environments where information is sensitive, the last thing a worker needs is to be facing back or neck pain that distracts him/her from the job at hand. That’s why, at Concept Seating, we set a goal of building a comfortable, durable chair that, if properly maintained, is warranty-free for the full length of its six-year warranty. For government employees in a wide range of roles, our ergonomically designed seating solutions provide the kind of comfort that means better productivity and efficiency in daily tasks. Because our company has been creating smart seating solutions since 1995, today we’re able to use our expertise and experience to provide top products that suit military and government personnel. Designed for 24/7 use, our 24-hour government office chairs keep staff members focused and undistracted, so they are able to concentrate on necessary tasks.

Beyond our chairs’ superior comfort, they’re also a smart buy because of their business benefits. Made with leather or alternative leather covers, our chairs are spill-resistant, durable, and designed to last years into the future — making them a savvy investment in the workplace. If someone spills coffee or lunch on his/her chair, cleanup is simple, making our government office chairs durable military office furniture. If GSA office chairs are used around the clock, that’s no problem. This is because our products are specially designed to withstand heavy use, so they are able to keep serving generations of employees, all at the same location. Because our seating options are designed with this long-term focus, they’re the ideal choice for your secure, military, and/or other government location.

At Concept Seating, our wide variety of 24-hour government office chairs work well and have been used at the White House Situation Command Center, as well as by the Army, Air Force, Navy, NORAD, Department of Energy, NOAA, National Park Service, Coast Guard, and Homeland Security settings. Isn’t it time you implemented these industry-leading government office chairs at your location? Don’t government workers deserve the finest in ergonomic seating options? The people who are managing our country’s most important and crucial data, concepts and goals have too much going on to struggle with uncomfortable chairs and pain in the workplace. Choose Concept Seating’s ergonomically designed, durable, long-lasting products to improve the work environment for your team with our 24-hour government office chairs. Get in touch with us at Concept Seating to discuss specifics and get the ball rolling on implementing our GSA office chairs at your site. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our 24/7 seating products, as well as to help find the right seating choices for you. Contact us today to learn more! Our friendly representatives are ready and waiting to serve you.

Chair Benefits For The Government & Contractors Industry


Of worker injuries/illnesses can be prevented by workplace ergonomics

Value Over Time

Our chairs can be repaired in the field long after the warranty period ends, prolonging the need for new replacements.

Increase Productivity

Better ergonomics, circulation, and comfort can decrease the long-term effects of extended sitting while improving attendance.

Maintain Focus

When employees are less distracted by pain and discomfort, they are able to concentrate better on the vital tasks at hand.

Peace of Mind

Our comprehensive 6-Year warranty has you covered - in the event of an unlikely product failure, we've got your back!

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