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High Back


Meet your new best friend. The 3142r1 is the ultimate in executive office chairs, offering exceptional comfort, quality and ergonomic support. Fully adjustable and loaded with features, this chair will change the way you feel about sitting. The high back design will provide ample support and comfort throughout the day, leaving you prepared to tackle anything the day sends your way.


The 3142r1 has set the standard for 24/7 intensive use chairs. This heavy duty office chair was the first to combine state of the art ergonomics with unmatched durability. The newly redesigned 3142r1 is still setting the bar in 24/7 chairs with replaceable covers. Explore additional features as your scroll.

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3150 Task Chair


Seven Leg Base

Seven legs means 20% ease of movement and more stability over five leg chairs. This is especially important for larger individuals that find moving in their chair difficult. Steel construction with metal strength ring and tested to 10,000lb dynamic load, our base is unmatched in strength and stability.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

Infinitely adjustable lumbar support puts back pressure relief at your fingertips. Adjustable back insures lumbar is exactly where you want it.

Height Adjustment

Our goal is to provide proper ergonomic support for 4% female size (approximately 5’ 0”) to the 97% male (approximately 6’ 5”). Height adjustment is at your fingertips.


Not a better warranty in the business. 24/7 warranty that covers normal wear and tear for people up to 550lbs for 6 years. Compare to a standard warranty that only covers defects in workmanship and parts. Contact us for more details.

Dymetrol Suspension

Dymetrol dissipates the occupant's weight over the entire chair surface improving blood flow and increasing oxygen levels to tissues. Improved blood flow and increased oxygen levels improves concentration and productivity and decreases fatigue. Dymetrol conforms to the shape of each occupant, as it almost instantly bounces back to original shape when weight is lifted. No springs eliminates the chances of squeaky or flattened springs.

Saftey Casters

Two point stem, shock absorber and special bore construction provides an extremely smooth and quiet swivel and roll not found in standard casters. Once the chair is sat in, the break is released and allows the chair to roll freely. This is important for large people that need to put weight on the arms to be able to sit. Spring shock absorber prolongs the life of the caster as well as the chair. Closed Construction reduces the amount of dirt and hair that can get into the caster, prolonging the life of the caster.

Adjustable Armrests

Easily adjust the width of the armrests to accommodate a larger person or a person with a duty belt just by sliding out the arms. Adjustment is made by loosening the thumb screw and adjusting to the desired width. Adjustable to 2.5” on both sides.

Seven Position Tilt

Recline to one of seven desired positions and keep it there with the push of a button.

Cut Away Sides

Whether your duty belt is a side arm or a radio, the cut away sides allow you to sit more comfortably allowing most equipment on the duty belt to hang free without poking into your back while seated.





Neck Roll




Alternative Leather


Staccato Fabric