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Why Your Office Chair Is Killing You And How To Stop It

Is sitting at a desk all day bad for your health? If you’re concerned that you may be overdoing it, consider how often you sit during the day and for how long — especially if you or your employees are in an intensive-use setting such as a dispatch center where you may not be able to get out of your chair often. There are a range of adverse health issues associated with sitting too much, which is a particular concern for those who work desk jobs in high-pressure, round-the-clock environments. Employees who sit at a desk all day or night aren’t just expending fewer calories than those who stand or move around on the job. They’re also at risk for hip and back pain. And believe it or not, people who work desk jobs can also suffer cellular damage to the brain. Your brain gets less blood and oxygen when you are sitting, which keeps it from functioning at full capacity. This can lead to cell damage over time. Other health issues associated with sitting too much include:

  • Weight gain, especially excess body fat around the midsection
  • Weakened muscles and posture problems
  • Increased risk of diabetes and unhealthy blood-sugar levels
  • Poor blood circulation leading to higher risk of heart disease

Many of us don’t get enough movement throughout the day because we are sitting too long at work. However, making small changes to your sedentary workplace routine can make a big difference in the long run. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that too much sitting doesn’t get the best of your health.


Take Breaks Whenever Possible 

Even though you may feel like you live an active lifestyle and regularly hit the gym, you may spend more time sitting than you realize. Think about all the meals you eat, the driving you do and the ways you relax — whether surfing the web or binge-watching the latest series — that that are all done while you’re seated. Although sitting is an entrenched habit, simply standing up and walking around periodically throughout the day can help you avoid the adverse effects of sitting too long.


Implement Simple Desk Exercises 

Doing some simple exercises throughout the day can help promote a healthier seated lifestyle. In addition to periodically getting up from your desk to move around, try these exercises to keep your body moving while you’re seated. Stretch your arms and shoulders to loosen up your muscles and keep from getting tight. Roll your ankles or reposition your legs frequently to keep your lower body active and awake.


Get a Healthy Desk Chair

Ultimately, it’s difficult to avoid sitting most of the day for those with jobs that require extensive work on the computer or behind a control desk. In this case, explore the options for healthy office chairs, such as ones that promote proper ergonomics. These can include chairs that provide back support and offer the ability to alter seat height and swivel capabilities. An office chair with adjustable ergonomic features is particularly critical for people who work in a 24-hour, intensive-use setting. Request a quote about our 24/7 seating options that are built to provide comfort and ergonomic support for those in demanding desk jobs.