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Six Ways To Keep Your Desk Organized

Feeling distracted or overwhelmed at work? Finding it hard to concentrate or to get a handle on which project you should tackle next? Turns out a lack of productivity or drive may be related to work desk organization. In short, a more organized desk may make for a more organized (and productive) you.

Why? Because even when you're used to clutter, research shows that it distracts your brain. While it's easy to let clutter pile up, taking some simple steps to organize your desk can help you streamline your workspace. Give these workspace organization strategies a try:

  1. Have a place for everything — If you've ever misplaced your key ring, phone or wallet, you know how frustrating it is to search for it. Locating lost objects wastes your time and is easy to avoid when you keep those items in the same place every time. This goes for your home, too. Drop your keys in the same place by the door when you walk in and they won't "walk away" again.
  2. Start off small — If the idea of a well-organized desk seems far-fetched, start small by clearing off one corner or collecting loose pens and stashing them in a coffee cup. Tackling minor tasks helps create momentum, which can beat the how-do-I-get-started blues.
  3. Keep it clean — One simple step can make a huge difference in how many papers accumulate on your desk. As soon as you read something, place it in one of three places — an "act-on" tray for tasks you need to complete, a "file/keep" tray for documents you need to save, or the recycle bin.
  4. Purge what you don't need — In the same manner, once you've finished with a piece of paper, whether it's a memo or receipt, either scan it and save it electronically or put it directly into the recycle bin.
  5. Downsize supplies — Do you really need a dozen or more pens, pencils and highlighters? Probably. Cull your office supplies to what you regularly use and keep the remainder out of sight in a desk drawer.
  6. Consider the visual — It's nice to have pictures of family and friends or travel mementos posted around your workspace. But too much of it screams "overload" to your brain. One of the quickest ways to organize your desk is to choose just a few favorite photos or keepsakes and store the rest. You can always swap in new ones over time.

While it's clear that a clutter-free desk can help you feel more focused at the office, have you considered whether you chair is comfortable and conducive to a good day's work? The design, comfort and ergonomic capabilities of your chair can affect creativity, focus and productivity, especially if you have a demanding job that requires clear decision-making skills or if you are required to sit most or all of your workday.

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