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The Power Of Colors On Office Productivity

If you’re like a lot of managers today, you already understand the importance of a good workplace environment. You take time to find the right chairs, desks, and layout to encourage your staff’s focus and productivity. But here’s one component of office design you may not have considered: the best office paint colors. When it comes to workplace productivity, color matters. Your choice of office paint colors, like comfortable chairs and attractive decorative elements, can greatly influence the efficiency and focus of your employees. To help you think through the smartest shades for business office paint colors, here’s a look at what you need to know.

The Psychological Impact of Office Space Colors

The color of a workplace can have a psychological and emotional impact on employees, according to experts. An all-white office, for example, looks clean and open at first glance, but it often makes employees feel tired, bored or unmotivated thanks to its sterile, blank feel. Red environments can be exciting, but they also can overstimulate and stress your team. Yellow encourages energy and creativity, at least when used in moderation, and blues can feel soothing and calming. Brown shades are usually a good choice for boosting productivity, as they feel earthy and natural but aren’t distracting. As you select shades to use in your space, think carefully about the various impressions they create. This can help you maximize the productivity of your team.

How to Bring Color Into the Workplace

When you’re looking to strategically use colors to encourage productivity, begin by considering your corporate office paint colors. Because walls set the backdrop for your space, the color you paint them instantly changes the feel of your office. Next, consider the various furniture components of your space. Desks, chairs, and other fixtures also offer opportunities to use color theory to your advantage.

Additional Benefits of Adding Colors

Even as you’re looking for the best office colors for productivity, it’s worth noting that colors can impact other aspects of your workplace as well. Here are a few additional benefits that come with choosing a positive office color scheme:

  • Happier, more emotionally stable employees
  • Better office morale
  • More energy in the office
  • Reduced turnover
  • Greater profitability

Concept Seating’s 24-Hour Chairs Can Enhance Your Color Scheme

Whether you choose a soothing shade of off-white or a calming gray hue for your 24/7 office, one great way to add pops of color to your scheme is with Concept Seating’s intensive-use chairs and stools. Our heavy-duty seating helps further increase productivity by keeping workers comfortable and focused at dispatch consoles, in process control centers, or anywhere else vital workers spend long shifts in their chairs. Concept Seating 24/7 chairs are available in many standard colors, and an even wider range of custom choices. We’re sure to have a color to perfectly complement your 24-hour workplace.

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