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Concept Seating chairs are built for modularity, meaning most parts can be easily repaired, replaced or upgraded on-site. And when you need new parts or accessories, from a heavy-duty office chair base to a slipcover, we have just what you need! The following items are available for a variety of chair models.


This is a simple and effective solution for protecting and preserving the surface of your chair. Concept Seating Slipcovers are easy to put on and take off, and are made with a breathable, stretchy, athletic fabric that is machine washable. These Slipcovers thrive in multishift environments by preventing the sharing of mess and bacteria between employees. Workers can each use their own Slipcover and take it home at the end of the day.

Prolong the life of your chairs with Concept Seating Slipcovers!

Slipcovers are currently available for the 3142r13150 Task Chair3150HR Operator Chair3150 Two-Step Task Stool, and the 3150HR Two-Step Operator Stool.

Partial Footring Base

Another great accessory for multi-shift environments. The Partial Footring Base is a heavy-duty chair base that provides a ledge on which shorter users can rest their feet without alienating taller users, who can simply rotate the ledge out of the way. This heavy-duty replacement office chair base is an additional accommodation that enables most body types to use the same chair. No more switching chairs between shifts!

The Partial Footring heavy-duty swivel chair base is available for all but the Bariatric Chair models.

Neck Roll

Made specifically for our 3142r1 High Back model to provide extra support for monitoring a video wall, but it can be used by anyone who desires it! Simply slip the Neck Roll over the top of the chair and adjust it to the height you need.

Order one for each user and you have another economical solution to accommodate multiple shifts and fight the sharing of bacteria.



When your chairs need to be more stationery, choose glides as an alternative to standard casters. Our glides are incredibly strong and engineered to be the same height as our 60mm caster, meaning they support all the same height and weight limits. Additionally, the glides make the chair easy to maneuver when needed, but nearly lock it in place while in use. This item is most commonly used on ships.

Glides can be used on all Concept Seating chairs and stools, except the Bariatric models.