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Cleaning And Maintaining An Office Chair

Quality office chairs are some of the most important aspects of your work environment. They’re what give your staff members physical support at their desks so they can stay focused on their jobs and avoid various maladies. That’s why it’s important to know how to clean office chair wheels, legs, upholstery and other components correctly. Office chair cleaning helps keep your furniture looking good and lasting well into the future. How can you keep your office chairs properly maintained? What do you need to know about how to clean a computer chair?

To help answer these questions, here’s a look at how to clean an office chair — from how to clean the wheels and fabric, to how to deep-clean on a regular basis.

1. Follow the chair’s instructions.

Before attempting to clean stains or spills yourself, check with the chair’s manufacturer for recommendations. If your chair comes with cleaning instructions, read them carefully and follow them on every cleaning task. Some pieces may only require water-based cleaners, for example, while others may require professional cleaning.

2. Vacuum any crumbs.

No matter what type of upholstery covers your chair, the first step is to vacuum any loose sediment. If you ever eat at your desk, you may be surprised about how many crumbs lurk in the crevices of your chair. Remove these particles up with your hand-held vacuum, a hose or a brush attachment. 

3. Know the general principles.

If you can’t find cleaning instructions for your chair, there are basic guidelines that can help direct your chair maintenance. Fabric upholstery can generally be cleaned with a water-based agent to remove stains. Genuine leather does best with leather-specific cleaner, but in a pinch, a blend of vinegar and linseed oil, or a blend of rubbing alcohol and water will work. For faux leather or vinyl, stick to water-based cleaners. Some vinyl options can handle bleach cleaners well, but to be certain you should always test on a small, out-of-sight area first. Mesh gets clean with a simple damp cloth. Plastic chairs can handle soap and water or — in tough cases — baking soda with water. 

4. Treat stains as soon as possible.

The time to clean a stain on an office chair is as soon as you notice it. Why? Simply put, the longer you wait to remove that stain, the more deeply set and hard to remove it becomes. Spot-treat stains using an appropriate cleaner and cloth.

5. Always test new cleaners first.

Thinking of trying a new cleaning product on your chair? Before applying an abrasive cleaner to the center of your chair, run a test patch first. Pre-clean a small and less noticeable section of the chair to see how it reacts to the new cleaner.

6. Breathe fresh air while working.

Especially if you’re using chemical cleaners, stay in a well-ventilated area the entire time you’re cleaning. Avoid inhaling harsh smells that may contain toxins.

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